Watch Care & Maintenance


To ensure that your watches enjoy a long life, they must be cared for and serviced regularly. The care you give your watch will enable you to prolong their life and functioning and preserve their beauty.


Preserving your timepiece can be as simple as keeping the exterior clean, minimizing the opportunity for foreign particles to get inside. Gently wipe off your watch from time-totime to remove dust, dirt, perspiration and moisture build up. Perspiration and dust on watch cases and bracelets can result in skin irritations, and in the long term, oxidation of the steel. To avoid these deposits, clean the case and strap periodically using a toothbrush and liquid soap, and then rinse under a gentle stream of water (not powerful) and dry with an absorbent cloth. For watches with a leather strap, follow the same rules but do not wet the strap. If the leather is splashed, absorb the liquid as fast as possible with a cloth. This routine care will extend the life and appearance of your watch. On a daily basis, to preserve the long-term shine and perfect surface condition of your watch case, do not wear a bracelet or a chain on the same wrist as your watch.


Avoid exposing your non-water resistant watch to any type of moisture. In the event it comes in contact with any moisture simply wipe it with a dry soft cloth.


Use a soft damp cloth to clean the head of the watch and then wipe off with a dry soft cloth. Metal bracelets can be cleaned by using mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush.


To keep your watch in immaculate condition it is recommended that a complete movement overhaul be performed every three to five years


Leather is a delicate and sensitive material that requires particular care and attention. A leather strap needs to be cared for in order to maintain its beauty in the long run. Protect leather straps from water, perspiration, damp, grease, perfume, cosmetics or chemicals, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun. The above care will help increase the lifespan of leather straps and maintain their appearance and their supple feel. Leather does not like water, for aquatic activities, very humid or damp places, or climates that result in intense perspiration, a metal bracelet or rubber strap is better.


As not all watches are designed to be water resistant, those that are, vary in degree of water resistance. Water resistance is not a permanent condition for any watch. Over time the crystal can reveal signs of condensation or oxidation on the dial; and gaskets and seals tend to deteriorate over time. This is why we recommend a water resistance check every 12 to 18 months so that it can be repaired immediately should it be compromised. Important: Your HORPA watch is water resistant to 5bar, it can withstand splashes and be used in the shower. We recommend you not to swim with it or use it while indulging in any water sports. Since it has a leather strap taking a shower with it is also not recommended as that might damage the strap. If you notice condensation forming in the watch (particularly under the crystal), please contact our authorized service center at the earliest to remove the condensation. If your watch comes in contact with salt or chlorinated water, clean it immediately with fresh water and dry with a soft cloth. Please ensure that the crown is always pushed back to the normal position after use to maintain the water resistance of your watch.


Never adjust the date on your watch when the hour hand is between 9 and 3 o’clock (clockwise) in order to prevent damage to your watch movement.


Your HORPA watch is equipped with a quartz movement. The time and date are set in the classic way by means of the winding crown. The service life of the battery is from 2- 3 years. Significant factors that affect the life of the battery include the age and condition of the movement, and the type of watch — analog / chronograph or digital. The more functions a watch has, the frequency of battery replacement will increase. When a battery can no longer power the watch, have it changed promptly to prevent battery leakage and causing damage to the mechanism.

Important: We recommend that you have the battery of your watch changed by our authorized After-Sales Service Center. A battery change is generally combined with checking the operation of the movement and with changing the water-resistance seal in the case back.


Extreme Temperatures: Extreme temperature can critically alter the timekeeping performance of your watch. Avoid exposing your watch to temperatures above 60°C/ 140 °F and below 0 °C/ 32 °F, such temperatures can be detrimental to your watch and result in the watch malfunctioning, and particularly the battery.

Magnetic Fields: Placing your watch near electronic devices that can generate magnetic fields may affect its performance. Avoid exposing the watch to powerful magnetic fields. The effect on a quartz watch will be of short duration only, and limited to the time it remains within the magnetic field. However, mechanical watches (manual or automatic) are more sensitive to magnetic fields. Watches are designed to withstand magnetic fields encountered in everyday life, but certain strong fields can magnetize steel components of the movement.

Vibrations: We recommend not wearing your watch during sports activities such as tennis, golf or mountain biking, in order to protect it from vibrations that could damage the movement.

Impacts: Unexpected impacts or shocks to your watch may result in possible damage to the case, crystal, internal components: dial, hands and movement, as well as void your warranty. Such inopportune events may prevent the watch from functioning as desired and it will more than likely require service. Often your watch may not have any visible indications of shock, however, if you suspect that it is not operating properly please send it to our authorized after sales service centre to diagnose and assess the cause and appropriate course of action to restore the watch’s function.

Chemicals: Your watch must not be worn around chemicals, solvents or dangerous gases. Substances such as petrol, thinners, nail polish, perfume, cosmetics, fragrances, detergents, cleaning products, glue or paint may damage the case, gaskets or discolor leather straps.