Discovery, Journey, Symbol & Tribute

“Let passion be the soul and the rest will find its way.”
A thought that brought together friends, professionals and the best resources in the field of horology, on the path of discovery and the creation of HORPA. Built on the foundation of expertise and teamwork, HORPA is where Horology meets Passion.
With a vision and aim to be an acclaimed independent watchmaker from India, identified, recognized and celebrated for its design and craftsmanship in the world of horology, HORPA is privileged to have found the best in the industry from India and claim with pride to be an Indian Creation. Our endeavor is to build timepieces that exude a quiet measure of time, while complementing the philosophy of excellence and passion.

The brand philosophy governs the process flow that’s goes behind making of every creation.

Creative Inspiration, Organisation of the finest resources, Design Development, Execution and Experience is the fundamental behind the HORPA philosophy which we aptly call Construction Of Design Excellence.

Our philosophy constantly inspires us to discuss, design, develop and deliver creations which are a fusion of great design, fine material and excellent craftsmanship.


Creative Process and Inspiration

The exercise of coding for our creations is a derivative of technology, fine material and craftsmanship to reflect the energy and passion of the creation.

Creative and inspiration discussion translating into hand sketched design roughs. Multiple iterations that leads to the final sketch being transformed into machine codes through Computer Aided Design to create a reflection of what it would transform as an offering.

Organising resources

Design to product excellence needs the use of the best material and the best in the field, we are privileged and proud to have found the best in the industry and in the world from India and claim with pride to be an Indian Creation.

Design to Delivery

Over 200 collective man day’s invested behind the first proto and only after having the same checked for creative and quality excellence, the coding moves from design to delivery.